Do you drink in the daylight and let it collect on your brow like dew on the clovers? Its twirling tumbles hair white and keeps hands open, whispering in the ear like a fatherly hug that will intersect any history–no identification needed.

Lay down your pen and paper; are you thirsty for the truth?

Be careful how you answer because it will grab your hand and run with determination to catch up with the homeless woman, so it can earn the respect to hold her fragile heart–no matter how scratched or wrongfully labeled.

Though it breaks your heart and leaves you with more questions, stay in light’s embrace and pour out all the sunshine–not the sappy smiley face, but the day after day cup of coffee and listening to her up and down the town ramblings.

You will slowly wear out the shadows in her mind, and they will begin to sing of healing–beauty drawn out from all your forehead kisses. Her clear eyes returning your gaze will be your reward.