I forget sometimes that I am in the photos I take.

I was at the garden when they handed out snow cones
And painted murals on the sidewalk.
I was guy who showed eager kids how to use the viewfinder
And freeze time with the press of a button.

I forget that how and when I see a moment
Are one perspective of an eternal story.
I was the one who caught the boy’s cautious desire to play.
I was the one who caught the father’s fascination with the boy.

I was the boy and will be the father,
And I am the man who gets to stand in the middle
And call it part of my story.

I forget sometimes that God is in the photos I take.
I forget that He hops down from his starry throne
And grabs his favorite flavored snow cone down at the garden
Just to capture and freeze a moment of my life.

He is the boy and the father,
And he is a man like me standing in the middle
And calls it part of his story.