I wake up and the first thing I do is look on Instagram or Facebook- pictures and thoughts of others, attention that I so desire. They seem to have it all. “I want to be like them,” I say. I want to be noticed and do important things. I want to dress well, be well cultured, full of knowledge, have the greatest and most adventurous life and then document it for the entire world to appreciate.

It is then that I can begin to feel all alone.

But what about God, isn’t he with me? Do I want to be like Him? Is He enough to imitate or is he not exciting or glamorous enough? Why do we desire so many trivial things?

What if God wants to make me so comfortable with who He has made me to be that I lose the care to be more than I already am?

I am okay. I am perfect. I am fine the way I am. I am not bound by anyone or anything; I am free to be who I want to be.

This is what God says about me! The Creator of the Universe says that I do not have to conform to the world’s patterns, but I can be unique; He actually created my weirdness and introverted self, and it is beautiful to Him.

“Show me your beauty, your style, your adventurous and free heart. Teach me how to be like that. Teach me to be content with myself as you are content with yourself. Teach me to value your thoughts and presence.”

Once I realize the thoughts of God, I should respond each day by saying:

“What do I have to offer you today, Jesus? What do I possess within me that I can worship you with by sharing it with the world? Teach me how to enjoy my day with you alone. Teach me how to spend my efforts and all my attention on and for you.”

But God goes a step further in His view of us. So picture this.

Before the creation of the world, before anything ever existed, there was God. Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. They have this beautiful and perfect fellowship with each other. It is so wonderful, so fulfilling to Him, that He becomes excited and something within Him begins to arise. Complete and utter joy is in His midst and He says, “We must create something out of this joy!”

I don’t understand it fully yet. But how amazing is this: God can have complete communion and satisfaction in and with Himself, but wants us to experience it by being His joy!

So out of His joy, He decided to create more Joy. You. Me. Out of His glory and beauty that He radiates and shares among His three parts, man was made. You. Me. So that we could live in the same joy and satisfaction of His communion, the purest and most happy of fellowships.

The Creator of all things says, “I want you to experience all that I am.”

But before He could create this response to His Joy, this beautiful being made straight from His presence, the very image of His fullness, He wanted to create the happiest of realms, a land of joy to live in joy, to run and fellowship with Him in it.

The 3-in-1 brought out little fireballs, glowing and twinkling stars, light and darkness. Earth became dirt, grass sprung from the ground along with trees as colors of explosion turned into feathers, snouts, eyes, hair, scales- all the living creatures. Mountains and gurgling brooks, tree canopies and sunsets, strawberries and watermelon, were all a part of the land we were to live in with this eternal satisfied Being.

God then made us in His own image. The very likeness of His union. When God told Adam, “be fruitful and multiply, and fill the earth”, He wasn’t just referring to reproducing mankind, but He wanted them to recreate the fellowship and communion of the Triune. God wants us to multiply and fill the earth with the same joy and fullness that comes from being like Him.

Think about it. We get to recreate what the Trinity is. He is beauty; He is joy; He is one. We aren’t becoming 4-in-1, but becoming 3-in-1-in-1.

This is who I am; this is who I get to become; and this is what I am made to do. But this is only the beginning!

Heaven is coming. The Beautiful One is coming. He is coming for you because He wants to pull you into full satisfaction in and with Himself. 

You can come in heavy, you can come in thick; I just want to walk with you like Enoch did.

All I know about Enoch is that He walked with God. I believe that Enoch was so close and satisfied in God that he literally walked with Him until he ended up in heaven, the very home of God. No curse of the earth could stop their fellowship for a moment.

Whenever you look at someone else and wish you were different, remember Who you walk with. You are the Joy out of His joy.

Oh beautiful Spirit, come out. Come out and breathe. Come out and love me. Come out and play; let’s go exploring. Be more than a thought. Be more than a whisper. Be more than a word on a page. Oh beautiful Spirit, come out. Come out and roar. Come out and hold me. Come out as fire; burn my whole being. Be a kiss. Be a song. Be everything that you are. Oh beautiful Spirit, come out.

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