River Flowing

i wear your yokescatter the future seedfaithful with meplowing the ready ground drink in the wordsleave the past behind drink in the wordsheavy with blue eyes i’m standing in the river flowingwaiting doesn’t have to make sensebuilding a home in the heights of heavenwhere all your promises come before they’re due roots finding the deepi […]

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God Does Not Condemn

HE I watch you fall short again, Thinking you’ve made a mess of perfection, Beating your mind Until your roots turn purple, But relief doesn’t come By that way. Long for a firmBear hug,A forehead against forehead,Deep cry— Soul wounds needMore than a Band-Aid. WILLIf I stopped and called on Grace,Will angels catch me, Or […]



how sacred is the darkness the silence of the soil the cellar quenching thirst and strengthening weary bones don’t let your eyes get caughton ugly barren lightand days thinned of colorwhile the branches rattlein winter’s frigid heights descend the cellar stepsbehold in candle glowa family on their kneesin patient hymns of prayer roots grow down […]