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I pray that this letter finds you well, full of hope and wonder for this new year. I am writing to you to share some exciting news and to ask for your help!

Many of you know that this past Fall, I participated in the 18 Inch Journey, a discipleship school in Sophia, North Carolina, run by Jonathan and Melissa Helser attheir ministry, A Place for the Heart. During these two-months, I became more grounded in my identity as a son of God, saw on a deeper level that He is a trustworthy Father, and received tools on how to make powerful choices with the Holy Spirit to overcome fear, walk in wonder and joy, and embrace family in thanksgiving, confidence, and vulnerability. It is because of your support and prayers that my life is forever changed, and I am so thankful!

Currently, I live in downtown Anderson, SC, with three of my friends. I recently started working at Gallery 313, a framing and boutique shop, and will soon be working again at Quality Pools, a swimming pool store. On top of that, on the weekends I drive two hours to clean my high school’s gym in GA after games and events. In my spare time, I am writing poetry and music, and planning on recording a few of my songs. However, this is all temporary due to the exciting news I recently received!

In May, I will be returning to participate in Phase II of the 18 Inch Journey, a 6 month long discipleship track, from May 15 to November 7, where students learn to cultivate wholeness and friendship with the Father and family in every day life. I wanted to attend Phase II because I believe that my relationship with my Father—knowing His identity and my own—is the most important thing to grow in life and will transform the rest of life around me, and I believe my heart is worth the time and hard work to become a truer version of myself and in turn share it with you and those around me!

As you can imagine, 6 months will incur quite a cost. The total cost for Phase II is $7000 and is due in full by April 19. This cost will cover my living expenses and food. However, I will also need additional money to cover costs of every day needs, as I will not be able to work while attending the school. Although I am working now, I will not be able to completely cover this cost. I have to trust God fully to provide. I am asking that you prayerfully consider supporting me financially and in prayer in this season.

For those who want to support me financially and/or prayerfully, you canexpect updates and access to my writing and music that I create! I also need your help spreading the word! If you know anyone who would be interested in supporting me, please pass this letter on. I will be available to do any sort of odd job on the weekends to work for donations (in the Anderson or Lilburn area), so if you or your neighbor has a need around the house, let me know!

Thank you so much for taking the time to invest in my life through your prayers and financial support. I could not do this without it! Writing this fills my heart with so much gratitude for every one of you who have shaped and encouraged me on this journey of life.

If you feel lead by joy to give, check out the options below on how to send money and/or contact me.

Call or text me: 678-773-5849


Follow my Journey on:

Facebook: Taylor Henry

Instagram: @taylor_a_henry


Deadlines for tuition:

  • $7000 in full –by April 19th
  • $1000 to pay SC rent/other needs                                                   $8000 Total

2 Ways to Financially Support Me:

  1. Online through paypal: Go to:

Select the payment button marked “Phase II” and then put my name on the payment.

Note: there is a 3% charge to cover costs from PayPal, so please add this fee to the amount you would like credited to your account. (Example: a payment of $515 would count as $500)

  1. Write a Check

Make the check payable to “A Place for the Heart/18 Inch Journey” with my name in the memo line.

Mail the check to:

18 Inch Journey

attn: Phase Two/Taylor Henry

4228 Beckerdite Road

Sophia, NC 27350


Taylor Henry

128 East Benson Street,

Suite B

Anderson, SC 29624

For more information:

  • Go to (look for info on Phase II)
  • Check out other posts on this blog for writings and a summary of my first time there!
  • For a bi-monthly newsletter through email, email me (address found above)!OpenMic_06

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