Made with scraps of molding used for picture frames

Why should the pieces of me that I sacrifice collect with wood dust in a cardboard box until they gets tossed in the dumpster? The parts of me that say, “I’ll die, so you can live.” So I can really live. The way God designed me to live. Who are these pieces of me? They are the shepherds, leaders, and bridges that stand in the gap, holding my dreams together until they are ready to be birthed. They are the head making way for the body. There is no shame or nothing wrong with them for being what they are and where they have been placed; they are the wise prophets telling of the past and giving way to the future. They are the present moments aware of a secret: beauty is built by beauty. Kindness glorifies itself. Honor magnifies honor.

These pieces are not without value. They define it. So dying to self is not giving up my dreams but making space for them to truly live. Death does not need to be scary or ugly because it was made to release all that is true and pure and wonderful and satisfying to the soul. I believe God catches every piece of me that dies, moments throughout my whole life, and he fits them together like a puzzle into a new story that shows anyone who reads it—these are Taylor’s doorways into eternal life. How many worlds can I enter today through sacrifice?

Today, I choose to be aware of what I’m planting in the ground, so that I may honor and enjoy every piece of me equally.