Who told us that we were naked? Who told us to be afraid? When someone enters a room we hide. The virus that has taken over is not Covid-19, but the devaluing and mistrust that fear has been growing inside our hearts toward one another. Words are being covered up—the vulnerable, the raw, the truth.

Your life-giving lips, your beautiful smile. Even your pain is hidden. Loneliness and depression are becoming normal, a mentality that this is just the way things need to be. Until things get better.

But I want to hear your sweet unfiltered, uncovered voice. I want to sit against you.

What eyes are we using? What measuring stick are we using for life? It looks like we are living in death’s world. Is this hell? To not only walk on opposite sides of the street but to avoid breathing the same air? No more hugs or jostling crowds or squeezing as many people as possible on a couch? Isolation is stunting growth and dreams and gifts. Snuffing out the development and hope of children.

According to my doctor, my immune system is compromised and I am more susceptible to getting sick. I’m just a statistic, a liability. If I got the virus, maybe I’d die. And to add to that, I’m told to honor those who are also shoved into the same boat. I don’t want science to decide for me who deserves life or death, who gets to be close and who must be locked up. Aren’t we all heading toward death if we live outside of God? Why have we attached death to Life in Him?

Who is whispering in your ear? Facts aren’t always the Truth.

Who told us that death has more power than Life? That it must be heeded and respected. Is Jesus our King and Doctor? Do we believe that Jesus is really one with God? Do we believe that we are one with God? In him there is no darkness. He did not raise Lazarus from the dead because he died; he raised him from the dead to show Life’s power.

Have we listened to the Life-Giver’s voice?

What if we gave Life a real chance? Not what is seen before us, but the invisible surge of light and power that runs on our DNA? The blood of Jesus is the same human blood we have in our veins. To look fear of suffering and the unknown of the other side of our last breath and say, “No more. You’re Done.”

But we can’t do this at a distance. We are not in this together until we are together. Family. God’s ultimate desire for us. A “I’m not going anywhere, no matter what” mentality. What would it be like if we used for each other the marriage phrase, “In sickness and in health, to love and to cherish, til death do us part.”

What if we no longer gave death permission to separate us? God already declares that nothing, life or death, can separate us from him.

“Life wins!”

Boom. The sound of a sledge hammer. Light rattling as it smashes the head of death back into the grave where the Son of Man, our brother, left it.

You want to try that again, death?

Watch it cower. Death is afraid of us. Life gets to become the normal.

Come gather around, and let me tell you of the goodness and the realness of my God.

Every virus of death gets a good look too.

We have the upper hand.

What does it look like to begin restoring our world with Life, together as a family?

“The wilderness and the desert will be glad, the desolate place will blossom and rejoice with great shouts of joy. The glory and majesty of the mountains will be given to them. They will see the glory of the Lord, the majesty of God. Encourage the exhausted, and strengthen the feeble. Say to those with anxious heart, ‘Take courage, fear not. Behold, your God will come with vengeance; the repayment of God will come, but it comes as salvation!” Isaiah 35