Glimpse of God

pacificus– “to make peace”

I want to move to Oregon,

And live by its rocky cliffs.

I’ll look upon the ocean

To see the giant- gray whale.

I’ve heard of his majesty

As he surfaces then disappears.

His raining spray a gentle mist,

Calmly and smoothly gliding

Through the icy waters.

He lives in peaceful gentleness

For he knows and understands

The ways of the Pacific.

I hate secondhand knowing-

A hunger never filled,

Someone else’s journey.

Maybe when I finally arrive,

He can show me the way

To live in similar peace.

Maybe there I will find God,

And get a glimpse of His face.

An attempt to explain: I don’t understand God or how to be in a relationship with Him. Its so much more than singing words to him. I want to know what they mean. I don’t want to know him through other people; I want Him for my own. Faith shouldn’t make me tired but it does. We sing, “I may be weak, but your Spirit’s strong in me.” How can I say that if I don’t even know what the Counsellor and Comforter looks like or how this Spirit works within me? I know God is beautiful and good, but I want to see why we say that; I want to see Him firsthand, like the majesty of a gray whale. This is just an idea of journeying to the pacific to find peace, to see beauty in a whale, and maybe God will show me Himself.

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