In the basement,
A workshop,
Hidden from public eye,
A space for holy ponderings
Where mind forgets time,
And hands guide the talking,

He gathers up all my requests
And begins crafting me
Under the light of a smile.

Unwinding every one of his thoughts,
Revealing secrets of the truth:
Freedom has a border.
Promises fit snug around my life
Designed to grow as I grow in size.

I feel the blade cutting through—
Clean separation.
Wood dust and splintered scraps
Fall away— old ways of doing things—
Making room for new blessings,
New angles, new perspectives.

My heart is joined to his best—
Each need and desire attended to,
Every edge marked and aligned
To perfection.

My future is being built
And celebrated by present grace—
I inhale the sweet fragrance:
Cedar and silky plaster,
Kindness and correction.

A song set in a song,
I’ve been wrapped firm in a melody frame
That holds me high
And shows me off to his guests,
Secure forever in the halls of heaven.

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