“Take every thought captive and make it obedient to Jesus Christ.”

This capturing of thoughts is not an aggressive wrangling that tramples over or degrades, as I have so often done, to bring the thought back onto its knees in submission before God. This initial thought must be held close to the heartbeat of God, especially if the thought is chaos. Chaos doesn’t know any better; it is a lamb that has stumbled and wandered away from its mother, piercing the world with its bleating panic.

Have I given this thought an introduction with Jesus? Have I allowed for them to lock eyes in the pastures of stillness and get on a first name basis? Who is Jesus the Christ to me?

My thoughts will respond to the Christ I see standing before me. He is the Lamb of God, not the Wolf of God. As the Good Shepherd, he does not cringe at chaos but teaches obedience through encouraging and gentle words. He is the Father’s Hand on my shoulder filling me with comfort and courage, saying, “This is the way, walk in it.” In this way only, do my thoughts begin to trust and look like Jesus. Bursting with joy for its best life, he carefully guides each thought into new perspectives of his promised provision and its beautiful transformation.