There was ash everywhere, endless hills of gray flakes. In the distance the sky was a thick charcoal, purple smoke rising high into the atmosphere, glowing orange at its foundation. The fire was leaving nothing but this desert. My bare feet took a few steps, sinking a few inches into the cooled powder. All the trees were gone. Deathly still and silent, all I smelled was incinerated life. Where was everyone? What happened? I began to feel utterly alone: total hopelessness. A cawing reached my ears and I saw a crow flying low, as if was searching for the answer to my questions. So much ash. So much nothing.

-One of the many nightmares I have had in the past month.

There’s something going on in the spirit world that I can’t see or understand yet. I haven’t slept well, and when I wake up, my whole being feels shaken. My head and muscles ache, my body is exhausted and my mind is spinning.

Is it fear? Sleep is a time for peace and rest. Why are lies being poured into my subconscious? Is it because I refuse to listen to them in my waking hours?

My sleep and dreams are just as real, available and accessible to you, Daddy, as my waking moments, so be in control of it all.

Daddy reminds me of all the places and things of heaven that He has shown me. I then remember how most of those images and pictures of heaven have come from writing music.

There is something about sitting at a piano and singing to Him that I find His safe presence. The songs are all about God being a safe place, beautiful places of rest.

In my songs, I see a white, beautiful bedroom, furnished with white linens, white pillows, and white, comfortable chairs.The white curtains sway with the summer breeze, and the songs of birds flood in the open window with brilliant light. It is so pure and innocent, so bright and warm, so peaceful. The floor and furniture are made of cedar, and the sweet aroma seeps out of the wood. I hear the laughter and singing of children.

I also see a garden, a deep but gentle forest, a secret place to set up enos and dream. The fog of lies and unclarity is lifting, and the thick presence of the I AM rushes in; tree tops come into view. The sun is rising, and fields are drying from dew. I am a bird soaring so free.

Jesus is my home, my safe place.

What if Jesus could be as recognizable in my sleep as He is when I’m awake? Right now I can control where I go and think about the places mentioned above, but why does my mind take me through dark, nonsensical mazes when I close my eyes? The more I find Jesus as a safe place when I am awake, the more I will find Him as a safe place in my dreams.

He tells me that it’s okay because I am His child, and kids have nightmares sometimes, that it’s all a matter of learning how to live mentally in His safe places, to learn how to have an imagination that is wild and free, completely saturated in heaven.

“Let the songs that You sing over me be the world I find when I sleep. I’ll close my eyes and find that you are here. I’ll be swimming in peace because you are my safe place- vast still waters to restore my soul. In every moment, I will know that you are real.”

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