This past week we had 37 teenagers here at the farm, for the 18 Inch Journey High School Camp, and it was a blast. I had the honor of being a cabin counselor. At the end of each night, with my friend Gabriel, we facilitated a discussion time with our five guys. It was beautiful to see them become more themselves and more aware of the Father’s delight for them as His sons. They were worth taking seriously, and I felt so honored that the Lord would allow me to invest myself in these young men for five days.

Worshipping with the campers, I felt the goodness and nearness of God in a deeper way. He has come to be with us—before we ever thought about coming to Him—Hallelujah, we are known, seen, and called His beloved!

One of my favorite moments was celebrating them on the last night of camp. In a candle lit room, filled with the smell of coffee and ambient instrumentals, each stood, one by one, on a coffee table and read out declarations they had written that afternoon. During the time they had to craft these 10-15 sentences about their identity as children of God, I soaked up the moment and wrote my own reflection:

Wow, this moment is space enough to hold 37 precious hearts and souls. Of any point in history, of all eternity, this is a moment I get to breathe in and out. Stories and declarations are being formed, stretched, and molded, and I get to sit in the midst of their communion with the Holy Ones—the center of their souls’ wombs, creating and birthing new language for the longing and eternal density He wove within them.

Did He really create in 6, 24 hour, days? He is not a God who rushes. Enjoyment is a trip around the sun—slow and long. How many lightning bolts did He whistle before He had Earth orbiting the Sun? How many horses did he set loose in the hills before he massaged legs and necks long enough to make a giraffe? How many paths did he walk barefoot in the rain to shape streams and rivers? How long did he sit in the dirt and draw faces for Adam? And then after it all, He praised each thing in delightful gratitude. But creation wasn’t complete when He sang, it was just the beginning. For every Adam has a purpose, designed to multiply the identity He gave him.

And He said all of it was good! Right here, 37 voices are learning to sing, “I am good because He says I am good!”

Can you feel each one’s wrestling? Left turn, right turn, back up, start over, plowing through uncut earth, running through tall grasses, muscling upstream shivering rivers, knocking down the ancient oaks. Tumbling and pressing out revelation words like juice squeezed from an orange. A whisking of primary colors until the right shade of light or dark is found. They are learning to see and speak clearly. 

This moment is an honor to sit in—this moment is holy ground.


The past couple of days, I have also been meditating on a verse from one of the sessions during camp:

“Feast on all the treasures of the heavenly realm and fill your thoughts with heavenly realities.” Colossians 3:2

If I have access to all of heaven, what do you want to give me right now, Father?

“Feel the depth and weight of My love in all things—sunflowers decorating the table with smiles of heaven, the way music releases your soul like eagles, the way your heart wants to run like the wild horses. Everything is connected by breath and light—everything moves from my delight. Have my delight, my “It is very good.” I was able to say this because I wove myself within all creation—hovering, swirling, swooping under, twisting all my fingers of electric rainbows in between. I opened myself and let the truth flow, and I took it and molded and struggled and formed it into something new. I made my internal and intangible parts of my infiniteness physical, obvious, and receivable by the senses. Take this connectedness, this opening up of yourself, and let yourself be known—taking the obvious and forming it into earth for others to delight in.”

Everything I am will praise and bless the Lord! Every day I will sing my praises to God. May you be pleased with every sweet thought I have about you, for you are the source of my joy and gladness. Psalm 104:1,33-34

All that I am will sing praise to the Lord because He made all of me out of Himself, so my whole being cannot help but reach out in joy. I am forever connected to the Savior, the Majestic Maker. What is even more beautiful is that though I am fully enveloped and shaped by the image of God and covered by His joy, He allows me to create and express my own songs, hallelujahs, and thoughts about Him. And we will all see and speak more clearly.

You and I, we are connected by Breath and Light.

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  1. what an incredible, thoughtful use of language to delight us in the Lord.
    may God grant you many words to share, friend

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