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If you want to dream something new, something other than your usual, labored, emotional night-processing, wake before dawn, grab a bucket to sit on, and take a few wrong turns as you drive away from neighborhoods and traffic lights, until you’re pleasantly surprised by the overgrown hills the road has brought you. Return to these […]

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To Fall in Step

You take my pace beside me in southside neighborhood streets—cottages wrapped in vines and slow, summer evenings, dogs laying in dirt, and doors creaking with torn up screens, and it’s as if I’ve traveled back in time with you to when I walked for years, alone in the quiet, just me and the wind, asking […]

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For the One I Love

Some days, with glazed eyes, you mumble curses at the statues because they don’t offer shelter or even “goodnight” before you sleep. Some days, with dancing feet, you whistle to the nesting wrens, as the mama feeds her young, an image of your Father. You help me see beyond what is to all that could […]

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What All Flesh Was Dying to Know

The rivers retracted and showed their bones, everything fleeing at the screaming tsunami called death—desolation crashing toward one man, swallowing every height and depth, the legions of Neptune’s fury breaking heaven’s promise of protection. He wailed to the sky, trapped in a corner, the terror of knowing his heart would soon stop pumping the blood […]

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As He Grows Something New

They are so brave to hold nothing back, to hang their future in the air so delicately, to risk falling, failing, becoming nothing but decay for the winter, to trust the gardener completely, even if he himself is learning how to be brave, to hold nothing back, to risk failing as he grows something new. […]

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What Was I Like

I got stuck in the birthing. (sorry, mom) I hesitated, as if knowing that to leave the warm invisible, film-dream played vivid in my mind, meant joining to always visible—words that could burn or freeze, strip and leave me naked and wriggling like a fish in the grass. But I had to know, the dark […]

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I found treasure in a field but don’t have money to buy it. There’s a house for sale, but the owner won’t return my call. I planted seeds in the field, but they’re not showing up. Where did I go wrong? Why do my eyes show me a future that my body doesn’t know? Wound […]

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The green bean vines had to go,and I had put them off long enough—they weren’t easy to pull up,wound tightly around the wired trellis,brittle, they broke off in my hand. God spoke to my heart: Don’t fight the unraveling—that emptiness in the ground afterthe exhausted plants are out,the fear of being found naked. Know my […]


In Caring for the Light

Response to Interior of the Baptistry of St. Mark’s, by William Merritt Chase I see you when others don’t. People look for the glamor, Marveling in gold and ceremony, But you make the ordinary shine. How would candles burn If there was no one To clean the candleholders? The sanctuary would grow stale and dim […]

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Abide in Me

you are the gardener and I am the clay you are the caretaker and I am the one you love abide in me I have obsessed about the ending how vast the harvest would be but apart from you I am a wasteland all you care for is me—it does not matter what we plant […]