18 Inch Journey, Poetry


Sitting outside against the bakery’s brick wall under a yellow glow, the spacious window captures friendship at a table. The sleepy sun yields to lamp-lit smiles, laughter spilling loud into the streets—3 men with soft hearts.   Indigo ink sky, the headlights catch seas of corn, Thousands and thousands of stalks disappearing into the darkness. […]

18 Inch Journey

Connected by Breath and Light

This past week we had 37 teenagers here at the farm, for the 18 Inch Journey High School Camp, and it was a blast. I had the honor of being a cabin counselor. At the end of each night, with my friend Gabriel, we facilitated a discussion time with our five guys. It was beautiful […]

18 Inch Journey

Sunday, July 1

This week has been full of awakening, learning to see clearly. Every morning after a cardio or yoga workout, we start the day off with “God Time.” In this time, we get to have a conversation with the Trinity, through his Word, stillness, nature, vulnerability, and listening. Once a week with the other dudes, I […]

18 Inch Journey

Moving into Stillness

I am made to move with my whole being—body, soul, and spirit—in relationship with the Trinity. During the first 3 months of Phase II of the 18 Inch Journey, I am in the Movement Collective. In it, we are getting our bodies really strong through yoga, so that we can know ourselves well physically. It […]

18 Inch Journey

Return to the 18 Inch Journey

  I pray that this letter finds you well, full of hope and wonder for this new year. I am writing to you to share some exciting news and to ask for your help! Many of you know that this past Fall, I participated in the 18 Inch Journey, a discipleship school in Sophia, North […]

18 Inch Journey

My 18 Inch Journey

Friends and family, I return from the 18 Inch Journey a new man, full of wonder and gratitude, for you and all that the Father has done and taught me the last two months in Sophia, NC. There’s no way I could share all that I did and received, but you are worth the effort! […]

18 Inch Journey, Poetry

The Forest of Delight

            You are the darkness. Not the absence of light, but light’s canvas—the space of silence in between the tree branches and the earth, my heart and the stars. On earth’s carpet, I am hidden securely against your chest—heartbeat to heartbeat. You are like burrowing my face into soft pillows. I […]

18 Inch Journey, Poetry

Trees Are Sight

Shoes set aside so my feet can settle on the earth, my mind slowly loosens its grip on the edge of the forest—the noisy crowds of constant motion, demanded results, and frantic emotions.   Here— alone. Separated from familiar—home— the fearful dreams that drove my heart.   Here— small. Surrounded by wooden bodies I feel […]

18 Inch Journey, Prose

At the End of Our Longing Is God

This September and October, I have an awesome privilege to attend the 18 Inch Journey School led and founded by Jonathan and Melissa Helser in North Carolina (you may have heard their song “No Longer Slaves” at church or the radio). The 18 Inch Journey is named for the distance between your head and heart […]