This September and October, I have an awesome privilege to attend the 18 Inch Journey School led and founded by Jonathan and Melissa Helser in North Carolina (you may have heard their song “No Longer Slaves” at church or the radio). The 18 Inch Journey is named for the distance between your head and heart and focuses on the journey of truly knowing God and yourself. As a student, I will be learning through worship, Biblical teaching, creative art classes, discipleship and mentoring, and working on the school’s beautiful property.

When I was a freshman in college, I found the school on the Helser’s website and dreamed of going as soon as I graduated. The school took the first 45 male applicants and 45 female applicants, and out of these, only 16 guys, including me, and 16 girls (ages 20-27) were chosen.

I am an artist and creator, an expresser of the heart. I am constantly amazed that God created us in such a way so that we would express our deepest longings for him through our lives. In my last two years of high school, I realized my love for worship, art, and writing. This past December I graduated from Anderson University in South Carolina with a degree in English with a concentration in Creative Writing because I love words. I love how they sound and look, and how we can use them as tools to create relationships with the people and world around us.

The 18 Inch Journey is the perfect place for me. I’ve heard it is a safe place, and I’m beginning to learn that a life in God is the safest place I can be. I want to know who God is in his language, to see myself fully as He sees me, and to gain a greater understanding of how to express the heart of God through art. Currently, I am doing a year of research to create a teaching curriculum on reconnecting people to their souls through creative outlets—how to live and create in a deep place of knowing your identity and God’s presence (contact me if you would like me to share more because it is a long story). I volunteer at the LOT Project, a non-profit organization in downtown Anderson that serves the community in need and is changing the city. On top of that, I co-own a leather business called Milltown Leather with my good friend Isaac Morris. Our hope and goal is for the business to become a full-time job and to one day be able to teach the unemployed and others how to craft things out of leather. Through this school I hope to grow in my friendship with the Holy Spirit and learn how to hang out with him on a deeper level, especially in moments of loneliness and solitude.

That being said, I need your support. This school has been a huge dream of mine, and following Jesus can get intimidating sometimes because I have no idea what tomorrow holds. I just know that Jesus is here with me today and will be there tomorrow, and it will be good. I cannot do this alone, and I would love for you to pray with me. Pray that the Father will make me a man who never forgets God is in the room, and that a new intimacy would grow between us. Pray that Jesus would continue in me a new foundation of love and generosity that knows no limits, and pray that he will give me a language for expressing my heart to others so that they may encounter God in an intimate and full way.

Financially I need to raise $3500 for the school’s tuition. This covers all costs of meals, studying materials, supplies, rooming, etc. I need $500 deposited by June 5th to secure my place, and then $3000 is due by August 9th. If you would like to support me financially, you can do so a few different ways:

  1. You can donate online through the 18 Inch Journey website:

You can follow the instructions there. Notice that PayPal takes 3% of the donation as a charge.

  1. You can mail a check to the school:

A Place for the Heart
attn: 18 Inch Journey / Taylor Henry
4228 Beckerdite Rd.
Sophia, NC 27350


  1. You can mail a check or cash to me:

Taylor Henry

207 Ligon Dr.

Anderson, SC 29621

Make all checks (regardless of where you send it) payable to “A Place for the Heart” with “18 Inch Journey & Taylor Henry” in the memo.

If you donate online or mail a check straight to the school, please let me know so I can keep track and thank you!

Lastly, thank you for your generosity and lifting me up. Thank you for believing in me and for impacting my life in years past. With your blessings, I want to bless you with the stories and knowledge and encouragement I gain at the 18 Inch Journey!

May you see Jesus in a new way this summer.

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