Hope seeps in my bones:
Smooth saxophone melodies on Main,
Flying downhill bicycle breeze—

My eyes are beginning to see
Nothing but summer:

Clear water heavens
Washed in best friend’s nonstop
“Jesus, Jesus, Jesus,”
Wedding day praise.

Eager waiting
Like trading letters
And notes in the margin of Hafiz
With a treasured west-coast soul.

Love maturing
In hands stained dark soil
And blue snow cone lips
In a neighborhood garden called home.

I’ve started exploring
The magnificence of my mind,
The vast open space
In the mountains
Called friendship with God.

We’ve started building
A bus route in the stars
That stops at each planet
In the 4:30am couch whispers
And piggyback rides traded for giggles.

I’ve found myself—
In magical dinner parties
Set in garden alleys
And wolf howling
On morning runs over the train bridge.

I’ve found myself—
In brother-songs and bourbon tasting,
The blue-eyed Lily Rose
That is my best friend’s
Baby daughter.

I’ve found myself—
In the belly to belly breathing
And tears set free
From, “I forgive you.”

Who do I see
In all these things?
Who do I find
In the seven living years
Of my heart in the Son of Man city?

I see the Shining One,
Filling every one of my days
With Joy fullness.

I see that he and I
Have always been one,

And that this is the year
We find ourselves
In the never-ending days
Of summer.

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